Original Screenplay
In development with CMP Films - Dan Nathan attached to Direct.

A grieving husband persuades a rookie angel to bring back his recently deceased wife - the trouble is, he brings back the wrong wife.

When a rookie angel offers recently widowed ad-man, Matt Calloway, the chance to spend one last week-end with the 'Trophy Wife' he lost, he sees it as a chance to get some sort of closure and, more selfishly, get his 'mojo' back before his boss fires him. But the angel brings back his first wife, Kate - a thoroughly different proposition and a rude reminder of his humble beginnings on Canvey Island. Things get even more complicated when Kate's second husband, gangland boss Charlie Thwaites (who, it turns out, had her bumped off) spots her, and the pair are forced to go on the run through the suburban streets of their youth and, in the process, find out what they hated, and loved, about each other in the first place.