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Basically there are two kinds of job.
Spec work and commissions.
Specs are where I tell the stories I want to tell - then try and convince other people they need to turn them into big Hollywood films.

Commissions can range from the adaptation of an existing source, a few tweaks to a screenplay that’s almost there, or a complete overhaul of one that has, for whatever reason, become bogged down and is in need of a fresh pair of eyes.
It’s here that my 20 years experience in my ‘other’ job comes into play.
You need someone to quickly and effectively spot what’s wrong - someone without a fixed agenda who understands where you’ve been with the idea and where it is you want to go. I am not here to kill your babies.
You will already have a history with the project - the last thing you need is someone to come along and throw that baby out with the bath-water.
You will probably have all manner of interested parties, all of them with an opinion and some with a vote. Fear not, I am good in a room, as they say.
You will be short of time.
And let’s not even talk about money.

OK, let’s.
Money isn’t the main thing.
I’ll want paying, of course - but not silly money.
The truth is, I’m too old to work on projects that don’t excite me.
If the project’s good - we’ll find a way.
I’m happy to work the way you work - outlines, beat sheets, step-outlines, straight to pages (dream on, Barker!)
Face-to-face meetings, Skype, carrier pigeon…it’s about getting the job done.
If you want samples, I can send you samples.
If you need to speak to people I can give you names.
If you need to speak to me or my agent - head straight to the Contacts page.