This land
Comedy TV Series

'Grown your own' is big news - green is the new black. These days it's easier to join a private golf club than get an allotment. And they are no longer exclusively peopled by old men with their trousers held up by string. All walks of life are to be found here - and for all sorts of reasons.

The series takes place on the Nelson Street Allotments - a city centre site that's been going for years.
It is now under threat from the developers - and an unscrupulous Councilor who stands to make a few quid if he can push the purchase through (there are sites more appropriate for development, but the central location of Nelson Street means that they can get more money for it).
The fate of the site forms the ongoing 'back-bone' of the series, as the plot-holders try to persuade the hapless Council representative that he should recommend the place be saved.
Each episode, as well as pushing this plot forward, would tell it's own story allowing us to learn more about the individual characters.
But, at the root of all the shenanigans, disasters, scams & schemes you'll find the two central comedy characters - Colin & Steve.